3G and 4G Cellular Communication is Here!

More and more of your customers are losing their landlines and going cellular and if they are not, they will be.

SecureCom Wireless, LLC, is the reliable wireless service for DMP cellular technology providing fast, simple, one-step installation. It also opens the door to an amazing set of mobile capability upgrades that offer you additional RMR opportunities.

With a cellular system in place, end users can opt to add MyAccess that lets them control their alarm system via text messages. For even greater control, they can download the Virtual Keypad App to create a go-anywhere keypad on their Android or Apple device. Whether on the premises or across town, your customers can take total control of their system.

The app includes the ability to view and record up to six IP cameras and also add automation control with Z-Wave devices for lights, door locks, thermostats and more. Each of these features adds perceived value to their security system, and the potential for new RMR for you.