Whether you are creating a new primary communication connection or adding a backup path, including cellular could not be easier. Select the DMP XTLC Wireless Control Panel with built-in CDMA cellular communication. Add cellular to
XT Series Access Panels or XR Series Panels with the easy-to-install CDMA or HSPA+ Digital Cellular Communicator card. Use DMP Remote Link software to initiate cellular service during panel programming.

SecureCom Wireless as your cellular service provider is the perfect partner
for DMP cellular technology. This service was created specifically to provide DMP dealers with a single-source, affordable solution for digital wireless communication.

DMP Digital Cellular Communicators transmit IP packets from the panel over the wireless data network directly to both the DMP SCS-1R Central Station Receiver and the SCS-VR Virtual Receiver. Because there is no relaying, the signal travels to the Central Station faster with less chance of being disrupted due to faults in
intermediate retransmission servers.

The SCS-VR is a UL Classified software solution that manages alarm signals and supervision messages without the maintenance, space, or power requirements of a rack-mounted hardware receiver.

DMP Adaptive Technology is available exclusively in XR Series Panels. It provides nearly instant switching between the Network path and the Digital Cellular path if the network connection is lost. When the primary path is restored, check-ins and other signals are automatically switched back with no lost signals. Click here for demo.

A variety of plans are available to accommodate the services and data volume your customers require. Remote Link looks at the specific panel programming for each account and suggests a Rate Plan, but you have the power to override that suggestion and select the plan you prefer.

The panel protects you from unexpectedly high charges by sending you an alert when data usage exceeds 3K/hour, and it automatically suppresses non-alarm messages when data usage exceeds 6K/hour.

Plans are available for the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks.