Rate Plans have been developed to match typical application and the data usage they would typically require.
Remote Link looks at the specific panel programming for your account and suggests a Rate Plan. You can override
the Rate Plan choice that Remote Link suggests, however you will be responsible for any overage charges associated
with the account. Plans work with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.


Alarm Communication Plans

Plan Name
400 Series Rate Plans
Data Included
Plan 406
Back-up or primary alarm signal, with a daily test
Plan 408
Primary path, with hourly check-in and O/C reports for up to 4 areas
Plan 410
Primary, with an hourly test, O/C reports up to 8 areas
Plan 416
Primary path with a 6 min check-in, O/C reports up to 8 areas
Plan 425
Primary path with a 3 min check-ins to one receiver
XT and XTL Flat Rate Plans
Plan XT
XT: Flat Rate, no overages, includes daily test
Plan XTL
XTL:  Flat rate, no overages, includes daily test

Mobile Platform Plans

Plan Name
SMS Messaging Plan
(requires an Alarm Communication Plan)
SMS Messages Included
SMS 100
100 SMS Messages 100
SMS 200
200 SMS Messages 200
Unlimited SMS
Unlimited Messaging
(MyAccess SMS Messaging Packages can be added to any Data Plan)
  Virtual Keypad App  
  SecureCom Wireless Cell Connected App**  
  SecureCom Wireless Cell Connected App + Unlimited SMS  
  IP Connected App  
  Z-Wave Lights Control Unlimited
  Z-Wave Locks Control Unlimited
  Z-Wave Thermostats Control Unlimited
  Any 2 Z-Wave Controls Unlimited
  All 3 Z-Wave Controls Unlimited
  Video (up to 6 cameras) 250 MB storage
  All 3 Z-Wave Controls + Video Package Unlimited


** See rate plan. Pricing: For full pricing information log into the dealer home page of buy.dmp.com or contact SecureCom Wireless Customer Service personnel between 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central or email us at customerservice@securecomwireless.com.
Phone: 877-300-8030
FAX: 877-300-3650